Government Contract Awards: 02-06 May 2022

Contract for Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components

Date of contract announcement: 02-May-22
Description Miscellaneous aircraft accessories and components includes control assemblies, aerial glider, towing accessories attached to aircraft, aircraft onboard inert gas generators, in-flight refueling system components and etc.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Department of National Defence
Awarded Company US Naval Sea Systems Command
Value of Contract USD 5 768 525.00


Contract for The Supply of Electricity and Natural Gas

Date of contract announcement: 03-May-22
Description Supply of low-cost electricity and natural gas for real estate to make an important contribution to overall economic efficiency.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity Procurement for Housing
Awarded Company TotalEnergies Gas and Power Limited
Value of Contract GBP 400 000 000.00


Contract for Advanced Hawkeye Squadron Support Equipment and Cyber Support

Date of contract announcement: 04-May-22
Description This order must provide non-recurring engineering for development, systems technical reviews, cyber protection program and associated technical deliverables in support of the E-2D aircraft.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Department of Defense
Awarded Company Northrop Grumman Systems Corp (NYSE:NOC)
Value of Contract USD 22 669 440.00


Contract for Surveillance and Detection Equipment

Date of contract announcement: 05-May-22
Description Supply of radar surveillance, both primary and secondary, which constantly detect, localise and interrogate the skies to provide critical aircraft position data throughout all phases of operations.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Department of Defence
Awarded Company Thales Australia LTD
Value of Contract AUD 5 546 808.00


Contract for Speed Camera Equipment

Date of contract announcement: 06-May-22
Description The contractor must provide measuring system which enforces speed limits specific to the lane used or the vehicle class used to monitor unauthorized access to road sections or unsafe passing.
Country Norway
Contracting Entity The Police Joint Services
Awarded Company Palmenco AB
Value of Contract NOK 25 000 000.00


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