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Everything you need to know on global public procurement and supply chain

Key insights into the multi-trillion public procurement and global supply chain markets with data products specifically designated for investment analysis, risk assessment, and academic research

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off the shelf and customized data offerings

Government contracting

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big government meets big data

Client types

TenderAlpha’s data is primarily used by hedge funds, credit rating agencies, corporates, and academic institutions.

Hedge funds and credit rating agencies

We deliver valuable alternative data to hedge funds and credit rating agencies to support their financial analyses and investment purposes.

Public and private companies

Facilitating market monitoring and competitive intelligence efforts for companies interested in making the most of the public procurement market.

Universities & NGOs

Offering original data to academics for research purposes.

Unique government insights.

Monitor trillions of G2B and B2B spending to power quantitative and fundamental analysis

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Building of dynamic stock analysis of companies winning government contracts

Uncovering the fundamentals of the dynamic relationship between public buyers and large government contractors

Real-time monitoring of B2B transactional data and corporate relationships.


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