Government Contract Awards: 30 October - 3 November 2023

Contract for Non-hazardous Refuse and Waste Treatment and Disposal Services

Date of announcement: 31-Oct-2023
Description The scope of this contract includes the ongoing management, operation, and maintenance of existing refuse and waste treatment facilities, as well as the design and construction of an upgraded pipeline with a larger capacity.
Country France
Contracting Entity Syndicat Mixte de Valorisation de Déchets des Pays de Rance et de la Baie
Awarded Company SUEZ RV Energie
Value of Contract EUR 497,895,000.00


Contract for Vascular Therapy and Associated Products

Date of announcement: 1-Nov-2023
Description Contract for the provision of vascular therapy compression hosiery and associated products to be used by medical professionals in the NHS network.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity NHS Supply Chain
Value of Contract GBP 96,000,000.00


Contract for Aircraft

Date of announcement: 2-Nov-2023
Description A contract for the joint development and production of unmanned aircraft between the Australian Aerospace Systems Division and the US Naval Air Systems Command.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Department of Defence
Value of Contract AUD 200,474,903.90


Contract for Strategic Weapon System Guidance Subsystem

Date of announcement: 2-Nov-2023
Description Contract for the development of the guidance subsystem for the TRIDENT II D5 Strategic Weapon System.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Department of Defense
Awarded Company Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc.
Value of Contract USD 2,183,965,410.00


Contract for Clothing, Footwear, Luggage Articles, and Accessories

Date of announcement: 3-Nov-2023
Description Contract for the purchase and delivery of student uniforms in primary schools.
Country North Macedonia
Contracting Entity Municipality of Gazi Baba
Awarded Company Armarium Grup DOO
Value of Contract EUR 625,149,529.00


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