Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed by TenderAlpha: Use Cases

The TenderAlpha Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed contains news articles about defense and military government contract awards in the US, the EU, the UK, and Russia. It covers any products and services procured by the defense departments and ministries in these geographies for which media reports are available.

To construct the feed, we use multiple sources. These include: 

  • public procurement sources
  • defense department and ministries publications
  • specialized defense media outlets
  • global online business publications 

Use Cases

Access to timely information is key. The Defense and Military Contracting News Feed is updated daily with newly-awarded government contracts. This means that you can dynamically track whether contract awardees’ stock performance is influenced by the award and with this, inform your own investment approach. 

A deeper look into the information the feed provides can also be indicative of countries’ geopolitical intentions as it enables a comparison between past and current military spending trends, as well as more specific directions in which countries are going with regards to the equipment they procure. 

Furthermore, the Defense and Military Contracting News Feed can be used as a reliable data source in a broader analysis of where a conflict might arise or escalate, given the increased spending by one country or another.  

Investment Analysis Use Case

When testing, we recommend seeking a post-news release drift effect by looking at sizable defense contracts with immediate potential to affect the stock performance of major defense suppliers.

In order to do this you can look at the potential value of the contract on the day of announcement and in the next few days to detect any significant impact.  

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