Tender Alpha Green Public Procurement Contracts Data Feed: FAQs

|In Fundamental Analysis|By Vladi Nikolov

Fundamental Analysis

Our Green Public Procurement Contracts Data Feed is gaining traction and we receive lots of questions regarding its contents, scope, coverage, and application. In this article, we have tried to answer as clear as possible to the most frequently-asked questions. 

Q: What is green public procurement? 
A: Green public procurement is a process whereby public authorities purchase goods, works, and services with a reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. 

Q: How do you determine which tenders are green? 
A: TenderAlpha has developed a proprietary 3-pillar green contract detection methodology. We detect green contracts by industry code, by keyword in the contract documentation, and by legislation or other regulation (whenever such exist) and/or award criteria requirement. 

Q: What sources do you use to collect your data? 
A: We use only official government sources, such as country public procurement portals to extract green contracts data. 

Q: What is your data scope?
A: The Green Procurement Feed contains information about 4000+ publicly listed and over 300, 000 private companies that have been awarded at least one green public tender since 2010.

Q: What does the Green Company Supplement include?
A: The Green Company Supplement shows the relative weight of green procurement contract awards as a share of all procurement activity. It is a particularly important add-on because it provides clients with an immediate extra layer of comparative analysis that would otherwise be difficult to obtain as one would only have the green activity of companies in absolute terms (and not compared to their overall activities).
The relative weight is calculated as a percentage data point: % of green contracts as compared to all contracts for each company. The percentage is updated dynamically with each ongoing delivery.

Q: Why does green public procurement matter?
A: Public procurement as a whole accounts for around 20% of the world’s GDP, giving governments a considerable purchasing power. By deliberately selecting environmentally-friendly products and services, governments can facilitate the transition to a cleaner economy, fight climate change, and ensure a more sustainable future for the generations to come. 

Q: What is unique about your green contracts data?
A: Our Green Public Procurement feed is the world’s first and only data product that uses public contract awards data in an environmental context. Our green data is specifically designated for ESG analysis of government vendors as the contracts information can be used as a proxy for determining the ESG performance of over 4000 ticker-mapped PLCs and another 300,000 private companies acting like government suppliers in Europe and North America. 

Q: Which geographies do you cover?
A: We have global public procurement data from over 30 countries, including the entire EEA, the US, and the UK. 

Q: Do you offer historical data?
A: Yes. Our historical data goes back to 2010. 

Q: Is the data point-in-time?
A: Yes, our data is point-in-time. 

Q: What types of clients use your products?
A: Our clients include institutional investors, credit rating agencies, and private companies. 

Q: What are your green data’s main use cases for your clients? 
A: The main applications of our products include: 

  • Real world"/third-party reporting evidence of participation in green projects as reported by government sources as opposed to self-reporting
  • Post-green contract award announcement signal proving to be especially strong for publicly-listed companies that have been assigned a lower ESG score by ESG ratings agencies
  • Based on access to the Green Company Supplement, relative weight of green public procurement business as a share of overall public procurement business can be measured per ticker
  • Avoiding issues of greenwashing as data is focused on actual participation of green government projects

Q: How frequently do clients receive data updates? 
A: Our update frequency is quite flexible. Clients can receive data updates intra-daily, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. 

Q: Is the data mapped to financial tickers? 
A: Yes, our data is mapped to over 4000 tickers.

Q: Do you offer free trials?
A: Yes, we do. We are flexible in our free trial offerings, as we aim to match them to our clients’ requirements. In general, prospective clients can expect to get access to historical data about global public procurement contracts from 2010 onwards. 

Q: How much do your datasets cost?
A: We offer flexible pricing options for our clients, based on their specific needs.