TenderAlpha Global Government Contracts Data Feeds: FAQs

To make it easier for our readers and potential customers to get to know us, the TenderAlpha team compiled a list of FAQs and their answers that explain what we do and how we do it. 

Q: What data products do you offer? 
A: TenderAlpha offers 4 main data feeds: Unified Global Government Contracts Feed; Forward-Looking & USD Obligations from Government Contracting Feed; Green Public Procurement Contracts Feed; and Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed

Q: What does the Unified Global Government Contracts Feed contain?
A: The feed contains aggregated government procurement contract awards and related company information from more than 45 countries worldwide with 11+ years of historical records and various ongoing delivery options. The feed includes information about more than 9000 ticker-mapped publicly-traded companies and another 4m+ private companies

Q: What does the Forward-Looking & USD Obligations from Government Contracting Feed contain?
A: The feed offers information about the exact government contracts receivables up for obligation by the US government in the next 6, 12, 36 months and on a 5-year basis, as well as an aggregation of all USD obligations made to-date as a point-in-time (for example, for the last 6, 12, 36 months, and 5 years.). 

The full forward- and backward-looking ticker-mapped data is also available with a full 11-year history with all time intervals as a point-in-time.

The product coverage universe includes 3000+ tickers that have won at least one federal public tender in the US since 2010. 

Q: What does the Green Public Procurement Contracts Feed contain?
A: TenderAlpha’s Green Procurement Feed is the world’s first global green procurement data product specifically designated for ESG analysis. It offers monitoring of sustainable public projects as a proxy of ESG performance of more than 4000 publicly listed and over 300 000 private companies acting as government suppliers in North America and Europe in regards to their participation in “green” public procurement.

As an add-on to the main green contracts feed, we also offer the relative weight of green procurement contract awards as a share of all procurement activity - The Green Company Supplement. It is calculated as a percentage data point: % of green contracts as compared to all contracts for each company. The percentage is updated dynamically with each ongoing delivery.

Q: What does the Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed contain?
A: TenderAlpha’s Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed contains news articles about defense and military government contract awards in the US, the EU, the UK, and Russia for any products and services procured by the defense departments and ministries in these countries and regions for which media reports are available. 

The data feed also includes information about 3000+ publicly-listed and over 100,000 private companies, each mapped to articles as contract awardees. 

Q: What sources do you use to collect your data? 
A: We use only official government sources, such as country public procurement portals to extract contracts data. 
We also extract information from both general and specialized media sources for the Defense and Military Contracting News feed. 

Q: What is your data scope?
A: Our Unified feed contains over 85m public tenders and related information about more than 9000 ticker-mapped publicly-listed companies and over 4m private companies that have been awarded at least one public tender since 2010. 

The Green Procurement Feed contains information about 4000+ publicly listed and over 300, 000 private companies that have been awarded at least one green public tender since 2010. 

Our Defense and Military Contracting News feed contains more than 150,000 news stories since 2016, 3000+ publicly-listed and over 100,000 private companies, each mapped to articles as contract awardees.

Q: How do you determine the coverage universe of securities? 
A: The coverage universe of securities is determined by the availability of comprehensive government contracting data in official government sources. In order to include the contracting data from any given country, it needs to meet several criteria included but not limited to:
- minimum 5 years of comprehensive historical records
- minimum contract information available (supplier details, time stamp of contract, description/industry classification)
- options for stable ongoing data extraction

Q: Which geographies do you cover?
A: We have global public procurement data from over 45 countries, including the entire EEA, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and more. 

Q: Do you offer historical data?
A: Yes. Our historical data goes back to 2010. 

Q: Is the data point-in-time?
A: Yes, our data is point-in-time. The point-in-time nature is reflected in three main directions:
- company ownership and M&A activity
- listing status of companies
- the historical outlook of forward-looking receivables (the remaining payments are reflected as a point-in-time of the date it pertains to and not as of today)

Q: Are historical values ever changed or deleted?
A: Yes. A log of changes is available upon specific request and only starting from the point when the client has started using the feed on an ongoing basis. 

Q: What types of clients use your products?
A: Our clients include institutional investors, credit rating agencies, and private companies. 

Q: What are the main applications of your data for your clients? 
A: Depending on the dataset, the main applications of our products include: 
- building of dynamic quantitative analysis of stock prices of companies involved in government contracting by focusing on the relationship between material government contract awards and stock price movements
- creating a robust framework for global, regional and sectoral economic analysis based on the purchasing activity of governments around the world
- supporting ESG investment by the development of environmental ratings per ticker for listed government contractors based on historical and day-to-day monitoring of green contracts awarded by the government
- building strong revenue predictions and monitoring the mid-term effect of any major contract 
- offering high-frequency defense spending monitoring and equity analysis 

Q: Have you carried out any original research to prove the market validity of your data? 
A: Yes. TenderAlpha has published two white papers that offer early evidence of the positive impact government contract awards have on the stock price of the companies that have been awarded. 

The first one - titled ‘Government Receivables as a Stock Market Signal’ - introduces the ‘’unexpected government receivables’ (UGR) signal that captures new information about government contract awards, which is difficult to process by investors quickly enough. 

The second and more recent one is titled ‘The Impact of Green Contract Awards on Stock Returns’ and is a collaboration between TenderAlpha and a research team from Penn State University. Together, we discovered that green contract awards show a 5.6% return when tested in a 3-day event study analysis using market-adjusted CARs.

Q: How frequently do clients receive data updates? 
A: Our update frequency is quite flexible. Clients can receive data updates intra-daily, daily, weekly, monthly, etc., depending on their needs.  

Q: Is the data mapped to financial tickers? 
A: Yes, our data is mapped to over 9000 tickers.

Q: Do you offer free trials?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: What can a client expect from a free trial?
A: We are flexible in our free trial offerings, as we aim to match them to our clients’ requirements. In general, prospective clients can expect to get access to historical data about global public procurement contracts from 2010 onwards. 

Q: How much do your datasets cost?
A: We offer flexible pricing options for our clients, based on their specific needs. 


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