What are the Trends in Green Public Procurement? A New Report Reveals Key Stats

|In Industry Reports|By Vladi Nikolov

Industry Reports

TenderAlpha has launched its pilot ‘Green Public Procurement Trends’ report. 

Green public procurement - the awarding or selecting of goods, works, and services based on environmental criteria - can help stimulate a critical mass of demand for more sustainable goods and services, which otherwise would be difficult to get onto the market. 

Therefore, it is a strong stimulus for eco-innovation and a circular economy.

TenderAlpha has recognized the growing significance of green public procurement, and is a pioneer in the provision of public procurement data in an environmental context. 

Our green data and its multiple applications can be used by a variety of stakeholders - including institutional investors, private companies, and government institutions - who are eager to single out businesses with strong ESG credentials as potential investments or suppliers. 

The ‘Green Public Procurement Trends’ report contains insightful information about the size and value of the green public procurement market in the US (since 2010) and the EEA (since 2011). 

According to our findings, 12.2% of all public tenders procured in the EEA and the US in 2021 were green, compared to just 3% in 2016.

Furthermore, on average, 20% of the total USD amount procured for public tenders by EEA members combined is awarded for green tenders (USD 1.2 trillion). In the US, it is 10.76% or USD 615bn.

In the report, you will also find figures about: 

  • Top 10 European countries by green tender count and green tender value procured;
  • Top 10 European countries by share of green tenders out of all tenders procured (by tender count and value); 
  • The breakdown of green contracts by tender count and total value by the categories defined by TenderAlpha in its proprietary ‘Green Contract Detection’ methodology; 
  • The EEA companies with the highest share of green tenders out of all tenders awarded (by tender count and value);

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