Open Contract Alerts: 03-07 May 2021

Open Tender for Big Data Collection System

Date of announcement: 03-May-2021
Short Description  Provision of real-time big data collection system for 2021                                                                                            
Country  South Korea
Contracting Entity      National health insurance corporation
Estimate Value  KRW 21 000 000.00
Deadline  10-May-2021


Open Tender for Industrial Equipment

Date of announcement: 04-May-2021
Short Description  Provision of industrial washing and drying machines                                                                                                   
Country  Canada
Contracting Entity      Public works and government services Canada
Estimate Value  from CAD 1 000.00 to CAD 4 000 000.00
Deadline  9-June-2021


Open Tender for Radio Communications Network and Services

Date of announcement: 05-May-2021
Short Description

 The services required comprise: 24x7 Australia-wide monitoring of HF radiotelephone distress, urgency and safety, monitoring of HF digital selective calling distress, broadcast of navigational warnings, and broadcast of sea safety messages.

Country  Australia
Contracting Entity                                                     Australian maritime safety authority
Estimate Value  AUD 1 200 000.00
Deadline  31-May-2021


Open Tender for Information and News Service

Date of announcement: 06-May-2021
Short Description  Contract notice for the provision of web-based legislative information and news service                                           
Country  United States
Contracting Entity        National institutes of health
Estimate Value  USD 31 106.00
Deadline  11-May-2021


Open Tender for Various Medicinal Products

Date of announcement: 07-May-2021
Short Description  Framework agreement for hospital medicines                                                                                                            
Country  Romania
Contracting Entity        Municipal hospital "Dr Gavril Curteanu"
Estimate Value  RON 1 838 283.48
Deadline  8-June-2021

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