Open Contract Alerts: 03-07 October 2022

Open Tender for Provision of Electricity to Defence Sites in Tasmania

Date of announcement: 03-Oct-22
Short Description The Commonwealth is seeking tenders for the supply of electrical energy and associated management services up to four years for nominated supplies in Tasmania through the existing electrical network (grid) infrastructure.
Country Australia
Contracting entities Department of Defence
Estimate value Best value
Deadline 31-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Javelin Weapon System FY23-26 Production

Date of announcement: 04-Oct-22
Short Description The Department of Defence has interest in a party which wil continue to produce FGM-148 Javelin (an Advanced Anti-Tank Weapon System) developed for the US Army and the US Marine Corps. The Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture is the original developer of the Javelin Weapon System and owns the Technical Data Package.
Country United States
Contracting entities Department of Defence
Estimate value USD 356 000 000.00
Deadline 19-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Digital and Legacy Application Services

Date of announcement: 05-Oct-22
Short Description This framework intends to provide a strategic gateway to support the delivery of future application services which will change the way taxes are collected through new digital technologies. The framework will also be available to be utilised by Central Government Departments and all other UK Public Sector Bodies.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting entities Crown Commercial Service
Estimate value GBP 4 200 000 000.00
Deadline 4-Nov-2022


Open Tender for Illuminating Networks to Automate Intelligence

Date of announcement: 06-Oct-22
Short Description The project seeks superior and sustainable manufacturing, productivity, and product quality, through Illuminate Intelligence which is designed to move you from data-to-decision, in minutes. It provides decisive and transformational insight, and unlocks performance possibilities on the essential machines, lines and processes that power and propel the business.
Country Canada
Contracting entities Department of Public Works and Government Services
Estimate value CAD 4 976 000. 00
Deadline 30-Dec-2022


Open Tender for Electricity

Date of announcement: 07-Oct-22
Short Description Contract for the supply of electricity and gas, together with its comprehensive management, for the centers of the Correos Group (the state-owned company responsible for providing postal service in Spain).
Country Spain
Contracting entities SE Correos y Telegrafos, SA
Estimate value EUR 205 099 996.80
Deadline 19-Oct-2022


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