Open Contract Alerts: 04-08 April 2022

Open Tender for Autoclave

Date of announcement: 04-Apr-22
Short Description The contracting authority has a requirement to procure one autoclave sterilizer for the needs of one of its laboratories.
Country United States
Contracting Entity US Army
Estimate Value USD 30 000.00
Deadline 11-Apr-2022


Open Tender for Digital Marketing and Media Buying

Date of announcement: 05-Apr-22
Short Description University of Bristol are looking for a single supplier with experience in the higher education, and youth marketing sectors and experience in international markets to advice media buying, creative services, campaign delivery and reporting.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity University of Bristol
Estimate Value GBP 2 000 000.00
Deadline 5-May-2022


Open Tender for Installation Services of Electricity Distribution Equipment

Date of announcement: 06-Apr-22
Short Description The installation, management and maintenance of charging points for electric vehicles.
Country Belgium
Contracting Entity Bpost
Estimate Value EUR 41 250 000.00
Deadline 11-May-2022


Open Tender for Neuromodulation Devices Consumables and Associated Products 2023

Date of announcement: 07-Apr-22
Short Description Provision of neuromodulation devices used as a treatment for unmanageable chronic pain and movement disorders.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity NHS Supply Chain
Estimate Value GBP 457 463 323.00
Deadline 10-Aug-2022


Open Tender for Mobile Retransmission System Acquisition and Support

Date of announcement: 08-Apr-22
Short Description A mobile retransmission system, capable of supporting battle group and below range extension requirements, is to be procured in order to support commanders in maintaining effective command and control of tactical force elements.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Department of Defence - CASG
Estimate Value Best Value
Deadline 12-July-2022


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