Open Contract Alerts: 06-10 December 2021

Open Tender for Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing

Date of announcement: 06-Dec-21
Short Description Delivery of equipment that receives and transmits radio signals.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Department of Defense
Estimate Value Best Value
Deadline 6-Jan-2022


Open Tender for One Habit at a Time 2022-2024

Date of announcement: 07-Dec-21
Short Description Support the design and delivery of the ‘One habit at a time’ program which aims to target senior leaders and approximately 2,500 middle managers to lead incremental and specific shifts or changes in behaviour across the organisation.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Australian Taxation Office
Estimate Value AUD 2 000 000.00
Deadline 19-Jan-2022


Open Tender for Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Date of announcement: 08-Dec-21
Short Description Supply of photovoltaic panels, including the construction for their placement, equipment for the accumulation of surpluses of produced electricity and all necessary materials, products, structures and equipment necessary for the proper delivery of an operational photovoltaic power plant.
Country Czech Republic
Contracting Entity Kovot Invest s.r.o.
Estimate Value CZK 8 699 724.00
Deadline 04-Jan-2022


Open Tender for Treatment of Green Waste in Leicestershire

Date of announcement: 09-Dec-21
Short Description Procurement of additional capacity at composting facilities in the midlands region to treat green waste whilst ensuring that forthcoming national changes to local authority waste management activities can be accommodated.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity Leicestershire County Council
Estimate Value GBP 7 000 000.00
Deadline 21-Feb-2022


Open Tender for Remote-controlled Tactical Robot

Date of announcement: 10-Dec-21
Short Description Procurement of a "Tactical Robot" plus accessories, documentation, support and assistance, to be used to physically manipulate test equipment and explosives as well as monitor testing remotely from a safe distance.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Public Works and Government Services Canada
Estimate Value Best Value
Deadline 21-Dec-2021


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