Open Contract Alerts: 12-16 December 2022

Contract for Highway Term Maintenance Contract 2024

Date of announcement: 12-Dec-22
Short Description The Authority wishes to put in place a core highways maintenance contract that facilitates the delivery of innovative solutions, promotes recycling and re-use, and reduces the environmental impact of the services delivered throughout the lifetime of the contract.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entities Somerset County Council
Estimate Value GBP 150 000 000.00
Deadline 20-Jan-2023


Contract for Security, Fire-Fighting, Police and Defence Equipment

Date of announcement: 13-Dec-22
Short Description Framework agreement supply and installation of automatic explosive detection equipment for hand baggage and automated systems for security.
Country Spain
Contracting Entities AENA SME, S.A.
Estimate Value EUR 130 791 000.00
Deadline 12-Jan-2023


Contract for Railway Tunnel Construction Work

Date of announcement: 14-Dec-22
Short Description Construction and engineering works consisting of an underground railway tunnel of suburban trains of Barcelona as it passes through the urban area of Montcada i Reixac.
Country Spain
Contracting Entities ADIF
Estimate Value EUR 515 988 878.65
Deadline 2-Feb-2023


Contract for Bulk Petroleum Products

Date of announcement: 15-Dec-22
Short Description Supply of liquid propellants and fuels to Atlantic, Europe and Mediterranean region.
Country United States
Contracting Entities Defense Logistics Agency
Estimate Value USD 115 000 000.00
Deadline 3-Jan-2023


Contract for Joint Medical Training Services

Date of announcement: 16-Dec-22
Short Description The Commonwealth is seeking the delivery of Joint Health training, centered on the Joint Medic Course. The JMED is a common curriculum for the initial training of all Australian Defence Force medics and is aligned to Australian registration requirements for Enrolled Nurses.
Country Australia
Contracting Entities Department of Defence
Estimate Value AUD 38 820 000.00
Deadline 15-Feb-2023


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