Open Contract Alerts: 12-16 September 2022

Open Tender for Public Access WiFi

Date of announcement: 12-Sep-22
Short Description The tender is for the maintenance and upgrading of an existing public access Wi-Fi network and the installation of new additional public access Wi-Fi provision to internal and external locations of Yorkshire Council.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting entities East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Estimate value GBP 3 000 000.00
Deadline 13-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Restoration of Historic Buildings

Date of announcement: 13-Sep-22
Short Description Repair, maintenance, renovation and various works constituting the real estate heritage of the City of Marseille
Country France
Contracting entities Ville de Marseille
Estimate value EUR 108 000 000.00
Deadline 17-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Building construction & Repair Services

Date of announcement: 14-Sep-22
Short Description This project involves hangar remediation works which include demolition, architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural and any kind of design and construct works for substation upgrades.
Country Australia
Contracting entities Department of Defence
Estimate value AUD 7 400 000.00
Deadline 14-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Financial & Economic Analyse of Energy and Resources

Date of announcement: 15-Sep-22
Short Description Natural Resources Canada is seeking proposals to conduct financial and economic analyses and lead in facilitation on a range of requests that will support the federal government, provinces and territories working together to identify regional comparative advantages in a net-zero economy.
Country Canada
Contracting entities Natural Resources Canada
Estimate value CAD 3 700 000.00
Deadline 20-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration & Infusion 2023

Date of announcement: 16-Sep-22
Short Description The Space Technology Mission Directorate is seeking to invest, via research institutes, in university-led, sustained, multidisciplinary space technology research focused in strategic areas for transformative impact to future NASA exploration and science. The focus is to identify the best ideas and talents from all sectors of the aerospace enterprise to solve future technology needs.
Country United States
Contracting entities NASA
Estimate value USD 15 000 000.00
Deadline 31-Oct-2022


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