Open Contract Alerts: 15-19 March 2021

Open Tender for Training Services

Date of announcement: 19-March-2021
Short Description  Training for health and safety representatives in Services Australia                                                                               
Country  Australia
Contracting Entity   Services Australia
Estimate Value  from AUD 1.00 to AUD 1 050 000.00
Deadline  27-April-2021


Open Tender for Treasury and Investment Advisory Services

Date of announcement: 17-March-2021
Short Description

 The contract will incorporate two (2) service streams: 1: Ex ante funding and loss absorbency; 2: Investments and sources of liquidity

Country  Canada
Contracting Entity         Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)
Estimate Value  Unknown
Deadline  20-April-2021


Open Tender for Selection of Vendors for Supply of Indian and Foreign Scientific Publications

Date of announcement: 16-March-2021
Short Description          

 Supply of Indian and foreign scientific online publications including technical books and books-like material.

Country  India
Contracting Entity  Department of Defence Research and Development
Estimate Value  Unknown
Deadline  8-April-2021


Open Tender for Improvement, Repair and Extension Work on Drinking Water Networks and Structures

Date of announcement: 19-March-2021
Short Description

 The purpose of this consultation is to improve, repair and extend drinking water networks and structures and to carry out connection work for individuals located on the territory of CASA.

Country  France
Contracting Entity                              Communauté d'agglomération Sophia Antipolis
Estimate Value  EUR 6 200 597.64
Deadline  16-April-2021


Open Tender for Stryker Orthopedic Procedural Packages

Date of announcement: 17-March-2021
Short Description

 The supplies to be acquired are stryker orthopedic hip, knee, upper extremity reconstruction and trauma procedural packages.

Country  United States
Contracting  Entity           Department of Defence
Estimate Value  Unknown
Deadline  4-May-2021

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