Open Contract Alerts: 17-21 January 2022

Open Tender for Predicting Nitrogen Cycling and Losses - Augmenting Measurements to Enhance Modelling.

Date of announcement: 17-Jan-22
Short Description A comprehensive data set of nitrogen balance and cycling is required to address key gaps for the most important soil types and farming systems across Australia's grain growing areas. A peer-reviewed technical report will be delivered.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Grains Research and Development Corporation
Estimate Value AUD 9 500 000.00
Deadline 25-Feb-2022


Open Tender for At-Home COVID Testing Kits

Date of announcement: 18-Jan-22
Short Description The testing supplies are required for prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by Federal responders deploying during the pandemic. FEMA is looking at obtaining 4000 at home test kits (self administered).
Country United States
Contracting Entity Federal Emergency Management Agency
Estimate Value Best Value
Deadline 20-Jan-2022


Open Tender for High Speed Camera

Date of announcement: 19-Jan-22
Short Description Supply and delivery of a high speed camera with a rugged, sealed body to prevent dust and other particles damaging the electronics and withstand environmental or manufactured pressure with a minimum framerate of 12 000 frames per second.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Department of National Defence
Estimate Value CAD 100 000.00
Deadline 02-Feb-2022


Open Tender for IT Software Package

Date of announcement: 20-Jan-22
Short Description Provision of products and services for the creation of an enterprise asset management platform for a period of 60 months.
Country Italy
Contracting Entity TERNA
Estimate Value EUR 7 000 000.00
Deadline 04-Mar-2022


Open Tender for Magnet Confinement Systems

Date of announcement: 21-Jan-22
Short Description Delivery of equipment as part the ambitious STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production) program to accelerate the delivery of sustainable fusion energy. Goal of the program is to design and build the world’s first compact fusion reactor, based on the spherical tokamak by 2040.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Estimate Value GBP 6 000 000.00
Deadline 01-Mar-2022


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