Open Contract Alerts: 17-21 October 2022

Open Tender for Custom Software Development Services

Date of announcement: 17-Oct-22
Short Description Software architecture for "telemedicine" which enables remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients by means of information and communication technologies, and exchange of clinical data between patients and physicians, which will optimize various aspects of management and treatment.
Country Italy
Contracting entities Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi Sanitari Regionali
Estimate value EUR 341 575 855.84
Deadline 28-Nov-2022


Open Tender for Aerial Dispersant Capability

Date of announcement: 18-Oct-22
Short Description The ATM seeks a single service provider able to provide aircraft and crew suitably equipped to undertake aerial dispersant application activities seven days a week.
Country Australia
Contracting entities Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Estimate value AUD 4 000 000.00
Deadline 25-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Enhanced Health Visiting Service

Date of announcement: 19-Oct-22
Short Description The successful provider is required to develop and maintain close working relationships with wider partners such as children's social care, primary care, early years services and early education to provide families that are in need of additional support and children who are at risk of poor outcomes.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting entities London Borough of Hackney
Estimate value GBP 35 400 000.00
Deadline 30-Nov-2022


Open Tender for Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems Operations

Date of announcement: 20-Oct-22
Short Description In-Service Engineering Agent for the United States Navy Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems
Country United States
Contracting entities Department of Defence
Estimate value USD 7 700 000.00
Deadline 4-Nov-2022


Open Tender for Heavy Lift Helicopter

Date of announcement: 21-Oct-22
Short Description BC Hydro requires a Sikorsky CH54B helicopter, or equivalent, and the necessary flight and support crew) to assist in the lifting of transmission towers and associated material located in Fort St. John, B.C.
Country Canada
Contracting entities British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
Estimate value CAD 1 488 990.00
Deadline 26-Oct-2022


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