Open Contract Alerts: 19-23 April 2021

Open Tender for Mental Health and Wellbeing Alliance

Date of announcement: 19-April-2021
Short Description

 The service will need to promote wellbeing as a concept to individuals in order to build resilience and help keep individuals mentally, emotionally and physically well         

Country  United Kingdom
Contracting Entity                       Durham county council
Estimate Value  GBP 23 000 000.00
Deadline  08-June-2021


Open Tender for Species Expert Assessment Plans Project

Date of announcement: 20-April-2021
Short Description

 Assessment of identified groups of species and /or ecological communities for threatened listing status and development of listing assessments and conservation advice 

Country  Australia
Contracting Entity                         Department of agriculture, water and the environment
Estimate Value    Unknown
Deadline  17-May-2021


Open Tender for Purchase of Software Licenses

Date of announcement: 21-April-2021
Short Description   

 Purchase of MS Windows Server 2019 software license, SQL Server 2019 database management software and Visual Studio Pro software                                               

Country                    Thailand
Contracting Entity                     Health system research institute
Estimate Value   THB 720 000.00
Deadline   29-April-2021


Open Tender for Medical Clinic Operations

Date of announcement: 22-April-2021
Short Description

 Primary goals include providing local residents, employees and visitors with year-round access to primary, urgent, preventive and employment-related health care           

Country  United States
Contracting Entity                       Department of the interior
Estimate Value  USD 432 825.00
Deadline  30-April-2021


Open Tender for Public Road Transport Services

Date of announcement: 22-April-2021
Short Description  Execution of public school transport services                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Country  France
Contracting Entity                     Agglomeration community of Bergerac
Estimate Value  EUR 1 000 000.00
Deadline  25-May-2021

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