Open Contract Alerts: 19-23 September 2022

Open Tender for Autonomous Mower

Date of announcement: 19-Sep-22
Short Description The scope of this task will include the maintenance, and operations of autonomous tractor capabilities including (but not be limited to): shape files/scanning/mapping; delivery of autonomous mowers; set up/training of autonomous tractor operations; full operations.
Country United States
Contracting entities Department of the Air Force
Estimate value Best value
Deadline 23-Sep-2022


Open Tender for Epidemiology, Economic Thresholds and Management of Ascochyta Blight and Botrytis Diseases in Lentil and Faba Beans

Date of announcement: 20-Sep-22
Short Description The contracting authority seeks a suitable research partner to consolidate and complete the required research into the epidemiology of Ascochyta and botrytis diseases of lentil and faba bean and develop appropriate management strategies.
Country Australia
Contracting entities Grains Research and Development Corporation
Estimate value AUD 1 500 000.00
Deadline 27-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Non-motorised Bicycles

Date of announcement: 21-Sep-22
Short Description The subject matter of this framework agreement is the delivery of bicycles, cargo bikes and scooters with and without electric drive.
Country Austria
Contracting entities Bundesbeschaffung GmbH
Estimate value EUR 3 800 000.00
Deadline 18-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Multidisciplinary Environmental Services

Date of announcement: 22-Sep-22
Short Description The required environmental services are related to a wide variety of federally controlled sites, including contaminated sites often in remote communities, in Canada’s prairie provinces and northern territories.
Country Canada
Contracting entities Environmental Services and Contaminated Sites Management
Estimate value CAD 7 950 000.00
Deadline 25-Oct-2022


Open Tender for Provision of Military Flight Planning Software

Date of announcement: 23-Sep-22
Short Description A 3 year contract for the provision of Military Flight Planning Software.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting entities Ministry of Defence
Estimate value GBP 3 700 000.00
Deadline 26-Oct-2022


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