Open Contract Alerts: 20-24 September 2021

Open Tender for Financial Spreading Software Product/Tool

Date of announcement: 20-Sep-21
Short Description The contracting authority needs a web-based financial spreading tool to make the financial review process of its Title XI borrowers/obligors more accurate and efficient, improve data consistency and transparency, and provide a central data storage environment for the financial statement information with tailored user permissions/access and auditable changes to any files/records.
Country United States
Contracting Entity The Maritime Administration Office of Marine Financing
Estimate Value USD 370 964.00
Deadline 23-Sep-21


Open Tender for Remote Sensing Antenna Systems

Date of announcement: 21-Sep-21
Short Description The contracting authority performs TT&C, LEOP support and receives, archives and delivers Remote Sensing data from satellite sensors through three existing ground stations. It intends to augment the existing antenna systems with new systems as part of a multi-year program to upgrade facilities and improve operational efficiencies.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Natural Resources Canada
Estimate Value Lowest/Lower Bid
Deadline 19-Oct-21


Open Tender for Health- and Pharmaco-economics National Technical Services

Date of announcement: 22-Sep-21
Short Description Support and andvice for developing industry-independent cancer clinical trial protocols to the stage of applying for grant funding.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Cancer Australia
Estimate Value AUD 988 500.00
Deadline 26-Oct-21


Open Tender for a Study on Bringing AMR Medical Countermeasures to the Market

Date of announcement: 23-Sep-21
Short Description This is a preparatory action which will serve the setting -up of the future European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).
Country Belgium
Contracting Entity European Health and Digital Executive Agency
Estimate Value EUR 1 000 000.00
Deadline 29-Oct-21


Open Tender for Coastal Flood Defence

Date of announcement: 24-Sep-21
Short Description Construction of coastal defences along the foreshore. Including Rock Armour, Sheet Piling.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity Cardiff Council
Estimate Value GBP 25 000 000.00
Deadline 25-Oct-21


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