Open Contract Alerts: 21-25 June 2021

Open Tender for Clearing of External Structures on the Territory of the Pays de la Loire Regional Office

Date of announcement: 21-June-2021
Short Description Cleaning and clearing of brush around the structures and clearing of the accesses to the overhead switches and of the wood and concrete supports.
Country France
Contracting Entity Enedis
Estimate Value EUR 3 750 000.00
Deadline 21-July-2021


Open Tender for Technical Assistance in Support of Trade and Development

Date of announcement: 22-June-2021
Short Description The overall objective of the programme "Supporting Trade and Development in Mozambique — PROMOVE Comércio" is to improve trade and the business environment.
Country Mozambique
Contracting Entity Government of Mozambique
Estimate Value EUR 3 600 000.00
Deadline 26-July-2021


Open Tender for Uniform Rentals and Accessories

Date of announcement: 23-June-2021
Short Description The contracting authority has a requirement for rental of uniforms for the Nutrition Care Division civilian employees.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC)
Estimate Value USD 24 472.81
Deadline 28-June-2021


Open Tender for Global Freight and Customs Clearance Services

Date of announcement: 24-June-2021
Short Description Ongoing commercial provision of global freight forwarding services from August 2022 onwards.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Department of Defence
Estimate Value AUD 77 549 400.22
Deadline 19-August-2021


Open Tender for Hazardous Materials Testing & Air Quality Monitoring

Date of announcement: 25-June-2021
Short Description Contract for the furnishing of all labour, material, tools, equipment, transportation, and supervision required to perform testing, sampling and air monitoring for asbestos and other hazardous material at various buildings.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Public Works and Government Services Canada
Estimate Value CAD 138 000.00
Deadline 22-July-2021


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