Open Contract Alerts: 22-26 March 2021

Open Tender for Home Appliances, Industrial Equipment, Lighting and Consumer Electronics

Date of announcement: 26-March-2021
Short Description

 Independent testing services suppliers to support the objectives of the energuide, energy star, and energy efficiency regulatory and compliance programs.

Country  Canada
Contracting Entity                Natural resources Canada
Estimate Value  CAD 1 000.00 to CAD 100 000.00
Deadline  26-April-2021


Open Tender for Procurement of Health Services for the Municipality of Hailuoto

Date of announcement: 26-March-2021
Short Description  Provision of health care and medical care services using modern methods and tools.                                              
Country  Finland
Contracting Entity     Municipality of Hailuoto
Estimate Value  EUR 1 130 000.00



Open Tender for Environmental Improvements

Date of announcement: 24-March-2021
Short Description  Environmental improvements to aesthetically improve neighbourhood appearances throughout County Durham.
Country  United Kingdom
Contracting Entity     Believe housing
Estimate Value  GBP 2 500 000.00 to GBP 4 000 000.00
Deadline  23-April-2021


Open Tender for Supply and Activation of Subscription Licenses

Date of announcement: 25-March-2021
Short Description

 Use of a digital financial platform to monitor and analyze market data, enabling treasury members to access financial data services in real time.

Country  Saudi Arabia
Contracting Entity              Real estate development fund
Estimate Value  SAR 1 500.00
Deadline  30-March-2021


Open tender for Business Services Consulting

Date of announcement: 24-March-2021
Short Description

 Consultatition in the forms of market analysis, depot business development, strategic public private partnerships (PPPs) development, revision, and execution.

Country  United States
Contracting Entity                    Department of Defence
Estimate Value  Unknown
Deadline  02-April-2021

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