Open Contract Alerts: 25-29 October 2021

Open Tender for Interior Lighting Project

Date of announcement: 25-Oct-21
Short Description The contracting authority has a requirement to replace existing lighting with a new updated lighting system. No installation services will be required for this project.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Correctional Service of Canada
Estimate Value Lowest price
Deadline 12-Nov-21


Open Tender for File Inventory and Management System

Date of announcement: 26-Oct-21
Short Description This requirement is for the inventory, sequence, and transport of file.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Department of Interior
Estimate Value Best value
Deadline 17-Nov-21


Open Tender for Dosage Dispensing of Medicines for Outpatient Care

Date of announcement: 27-Oct-21
Short Description Machine dose dispensing and dose dispensing of prescribed drugs to patients in outpatient and municipal health care as well as transport to and extradition to agreed delivery points.
Country Sweden
Contracting Entity Region Stockholm
Estimate Value SEK 1 350 000 000.00
Deadline 2-Dec-21


Open Tender for BBC Relocation Services

Date of announcement: 28-Oct-21
Short Description Full relocation management service for the BBC and commercial subsidiaries including individual staff and group moves.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Estimate Value GBP 5 500 000.00
Deadline 29-Nov-21


Open Tender for Genomics Cancer Clinical Trials Initiative National Technical Services

Date of announcement: 29-Oct-21
Short Description Provision of the following services: conduct workshops, develop and write, in collaboration with the CTGs, new cancer clinical trial protocols, develop and write, in collaboration with the CTGs, grant applications for the funding of cancer clinical trials developed with the aim of submitting a minimum of two competitive grant applications per year.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Cancer Australia
Estimate Value AUD 1 375 000.00
Deadline 2-Dec-21


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