Open Contract Alerts: 26-30 April 2021

Open Tender for Financial Risk Management

Date of announcement: 26-April-2021
Short Description  Consultancy and support for financial risk management services                                                                             
Country  South Korea
Contracting Entity     National Health Insurance Corporation
Estimate Value  KRW 395 667 782.00
Deadline  10-May-2021


Open Tender for Mortgage Industry Data

Date of announcement: 27-April-2021
Short Description  Provision of mortgage industry data standards foundational materials                                                                      
Country  Canada
Contracting Entity     Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Estimate Value  Unknown
Deadline  25-May-2021


Open Tender for Procurement of Cleaning Services

Date of announcement: 28-April-2021
Short Description

 Cleaning services include: regular cleaning, periodical cleaning, regular additional services                             

Country  Norway
Contracting Entity       Norwegian School of Economics
Estimate Value  NOK 20 000 000.00
Deadline  28-May-2021


Open Tender for Human Capital Management Solution

Date of announcement: 29-April-2021
Short Description  The Bank is seeking a new human capital management solution that should be a comprehensive product     
Country  Australia
Contracting Entity        Reserve Bank of Australia
Estimate Value  AUD 431 468.40
Deadline  21-May-2021


Open Tender for Repair Runway Pavements

Date of announcement: 30-April-2021
Short Description

 The contractor should provide all plant, labor, transportation, materials, tools, equipment, appliances and supervision necessary for repairs to the existing runway pavements.

Country  United States
Contracting Entity                            Department of Defense
Estimate Value  USD 2 224 409.54
Deadline  18-June-2021

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