Open Contract Alerts: 27 June-01 July 2022

Open Tender for Design of Regional Class Research Vessel

Date of announcement: 27-June-22
Short Description The Australian Insitute of Marine Science (AIMS) owns and operates 2 regional class research vessels - the 34.9m RV Solander, and the 23.9m RV Cape Ferguson. The RV Cape Ferguson is approaching end of life and is due for replacement in 2025. The Federal Government has provided funding for AIMS to develop the design and detailed business case for a replacement vessel. AIMS seeks a professional and experienced project manager for this project.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity Australian Institute of Marine Science
Estimate Value AUD 20 000 000.00
Deadline 22-Jul-2022


Open Tender for Aerospace Structures Engineer

Date of announcement: 28-June-22
Short Description The awardee must provide consulting services on matters of aero mechanical systems in civilian and military aircraft owned and operated by Transport Canada, other government departments, and private sector clients, and to design and integrate aero mechanical systems in the aircrafts.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Transport Canada
Estimate Value CAD 1 700 000.00
Deadline 6-Jul-2022


Open Tender for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Intelligent Transport Systems

Date of announcement: 29-June-22
Short Description Design, supply, installation, and maintenance of traffic signals and related communications infrastructure.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity Derbyshire County Council
Estimate Value GBP 17 200 000.00
Deadline 29-Jul-2022


Open Tender for Flaps

Date of announcement: 30-June-22
Short Description Delivery of flap system which is used for producing greater lift and permitting lower landing speed of aircrafts reducing the length of the landing roll.
Country United States
Contracting Entity Defense Logistics Agency
Estimate Value USD 6 500 000.00
Deadline 5-Jul-2022


Open Tender for Diesel Fuel (EN 590)

Date of announcement: 01-July-22
Short Description The subject of this procurement is the supply of desulphurized diesel fuel (ULSD) for transport, complying with the UNI EN 590:2022 standard with a sulfur content equal to or less than 0.0010% mg/kg.
Country Italy
Contracting Entity Arriva Italy
Estimate Value EUR 10 161 372.00
Deadline 15-Jul-2022


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