Open Contract Alerts: 31 January-04 February 2022

Open Tender for Design and Build of a New Pavilion

Date of announcement: 31-Jan-22
Short Description The work will include the demolition of the existing clubhouse, construction of a new pavilion, for bowls and football clubs and community use, car park extension and an amendment to the vision splay and necessary drainage works.
Country United Kingdom
Contracting Entity Wing Parish Council
Estimate Value GBP 800 000.00
Deadline 11-Feb-2022


Open Tender for Rooftop Solar - Design, Supply, and Install

Date of announcement: 01-Feb-22
Short Description To improve its sustainability the contracting authority seeks a company to design, supply and install a rooftop solar installation.
Country Australia
Contracting Entity The National Gallery of Australia
Estimate Value Best Value
Deadline 9-Mar-2022


Open Tender for Supply and Install Mattresses

Date of announcement: 02-Feb-22
Short Description The contracting authority requires to establish a regional individual standing offer for mattresses, approximately 120 units for the base period. The period will be for three years from the date of the contract with an irrevocable option to extend it for up to two additional one-year periods.
Country Canada
Contracting Entity Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Estimate Value CAD 200 000.00
Deadline 16-Feb-2022


Open Tender for Build Photovoltaic (Solar) Farm

Date of announcement: 03-Feb-22
Short Description Request to design and construct a photovoltaic (PV) farm of 900 kWp as an energy-savings based project. Work includes: site preparations, design of infrastructure, design and build of PV farm, substation, commissioning and testing, final cleaning, and delivery of spatial data.
Country United States
Contracting Entity U.S. Air Force
Estimate Value USD 5 000 000.00
Deadline 9-Mar-2022


Open Tender for IT Services: Consulting, Software Development, Internet and Support

Date of announcement: 04-Feb-22
Short Description Open opportunity for the creation of a proper e-business/e-commerce ecosystem and improve electronic service delivery for citizens and businesses and increase the efficiency and productivity of the private sector through ICT usage.
Country Kosovo
Contracting Entity European Commission
Estimate Value EUR 2 800 000.00
Deadline 9-Mar-2022


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