TenderAlpha Data Testing Guidelines: Unified Global Government Contracts Feed

TenderAlpha's Global Government Contracts Unified Data Feed is a global data product consisting of aggregated government procurement contract awards and related company information from more than 45 countries worldwide with 12+ years of historical records and various ongoing delivery options.

Its predictive analytics capabilities enable the building of dynamic quantitative analysis of stock prices of companies involved in government contracting by focusing on the relationship between material government contract awards and subsequent sales surprise and stock price movements. 

The Global Government Contracts Unified Data Feed is our most detailed government contracts data feed. It allows drilling down to the following categories:

  • Sectors
  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Suppliers (tickers)

Typically, data users look for either of the two or both effects following a contract award announcement: 

  • Post-announcement drift effect as a result of individual contract award announcements 
  • Sales surprise and material accumulation of contract effect in short period of time as a result of summing up of one or more contract announcements material to the company’s size over a certain period 

TenderAlpha’s Step-by-Step Testing Recommendations 

  1. Find column EVENT_TYPE
  3. Look for significant TENDER_POTENTIAL_VALUE_OF_CONTRACT_USD to test for post-announcement drift effect on and after the TENDER_MINDELIVERY_DATE

Please note that you can also test for a pre-selected list of tickers and/or any event for any listed company in the feed. 

Another recommendation is to sum the total TENDER_POTENTIAL_VALUE_OF_CONTRACT_USD per ticker for a certain period of time and then compare to revenue/financial fundamentals for sales surprise/revenue prediction analysis of the same company. 

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