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Full-Time Sofia, Bulgaria

Who we are

Bizportal is a global data mining and analytics solution provider mainly focused on retrieving and aggregating government and open company data. Our mission is to provide accurate and relevant data tailored to the needs of our clients while also developing the first and only government procurement data product designated for investment and credit rating analysis. We strive to accelerate scalability of public sources coverage, while also automating data aggregation to reach an ever-evolving level of data analytics and insights.

Founded in 2013 as a local public procurement information portal, Bizportal JSC is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with permanent US presence in Washington D.C. area. The company has been rapidly developing as a global data vending business, currently operating as a public procurement information provider for large government vendors, leading credit rating agencies and investment professionals in Europe and the United States.

Our flagship product

TenderAlpha is BizPortal’s main data product - the only global government contracting information product with more than 12 years of historical data and truly expansive geographical coverage. Its applications include, but are not limited to: investment analysis of publicly listed companies as well as credit rating of private companies (with high exposure to government contracting); green and sustainable procurement monitoring; global, regional and sectoral economic analysis; insights into institutional performance and public spending transparency; alert & intelligence services (catering to the needs of companies involved in the public procurement bidding process globally).

Given the breadth of use cases, our client portfolio includes a variety of large corporations, hedge funds and different research and public institutions.

Our culture

At Bizportal, our success is powered by people and technology. Our culture is what makes Bizportal a sustainable, joyful and rewarding place to work. We don’t micromanage but encourage our employees to be autonomous and act like entrepreneurs. We champion diversity and we are always seeking new ways to amaze our customers. Success is celebrated and integrity is the core of who we are at Bizportal.

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