Scope and Contents

Above 85 million awarded contracts with full project information from 2010 to date

More than 2.5 million awarded companies (direct awardees) worldwide and full project history for each company record

More than 4 million companies altogether including direct awardees with their entire subsidiary structure

Matching to over 9000 publicly listed companies and options for ticker monitoring for all public companies directly or indirectly (through subsidiaries) participating in public procurement worldwide

Company analytics with live company rankings and analytical profiling of public sector vendors worldwide

In-depth institutional performance and contract award distribution statistics of public buyers

400 000 new awarded contracts in addition to thousands of new company entries every month

Nearly 20 000 awarded contracts every day

Use cases

Building of dynamic quantitative analysis of stock prices of companies involved in government contracting

Uncovering the fundamentals of the dynamic relationship between public buyers and large government contractors

Creating a robust framework for global, regional and sectoral economic analysis based on the purchasing activity of the governments around the world

Geographical Coverage

  • Europe (EU-27, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia and Ukraine
  • North America (Federal-level US, Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina)
  • APAC (Australia, South Korea, Singapore, The Philippines)

Data Breakdown

data-breakdown1IndustryClassification2Title3Description4Country5Location ofWorks orPlace ofDelivery6Value ofContract7CompanyInformation(incl. Parent-ChildRelations)8ContractingEntity Information9Timestamp(Dates ofAward/Delivery)

Investment Application

Mapped to tickers of publicly listed companies

Easy to grasp public buyers activities historically and through real time tracking

The global public procurement contract awards data is new to the financial industry

Dynamic analysis of stock prices of companies involved in government sector

Ongoing research for US and EU government contracts indicates a statistically significant relationship between material contract awards, and subsequent sales surprise and stock price movements

Local and sectoral level breakdown of public purchasing

Data Report Card

Length of History

From 2010 onwards

Data Frequency

Daily. Upon request, there can be weekly or monthly updates

Data Source

Data is obtained directly from primary sources: government websites, information portals and other online publications

Data Quality

Well-structured, cleaned and aggregated data in one standard format (incl. parent and subsidiaries corporate database)

Data Collection Method

Contract information is scraped from government publications and procurement websites, harmonized, cleaned and mapped to awardee companies

Data Reporting Lag

Minimum one day; depends on source and contract specifics

Documentation Quality

Fully Available

Data Description

The dataset covers nearly 82 million contracts awarded to over 2.5 million unique companies. The dataset tracks the details of federal contracts awarded by governments in 45 countries

Coverage within Asset Range

Equity capital scope of analysis

Market Awareness of Data

Innovative model to predict relationship between stock price and material government contract awards

Liquidity of Underlying Assets

Mid-to-large caps across multiple geographies such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and EU member nations. Liquid and easy to trade

Additional Pre-Processing

Harmonization across records, company mapping. Each contract is mapped to a specific vendor firm. These mappings include stock tickers, company names and government identifiers

Research on the Importance of Publicly Listed Companies in Public Procurement Market

Research Scope:
Geography: United States, EU-27, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia
Time Range: from 2012 to 2020

10 million

contracts have been awarded to around 9000 publicly-listed companies directly and/or through their subsidiaries.


of the public procurement contract awards made globally are being awarded to publicly-listed companies


Tickers of listed companies worldwide with annual government income above USD 500 m.

5 key industries

with multi-million contract awards on daily basis including defense, construction, energy, professional services, IT & cyber security

10+ options

to access and consume the data with various formats and data breakdowns available including individual and sector-based stock monitoring and ticker-mapped pipeline of receivables.

45 countries

with full decade of historical data providing options to back-test predictions of bankruptcies and signal market concentration and the related corporate and governance risks.

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