What is Green Public Procurement?

Green public procurement is a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. It also includes procedures where the supplier selection is primarily based on environmental criteria as opposed to other terms and conditions such as price and delivery times.

Green Contracts Detection

TenderAlpha.com has created a proprietary 3-pillar green tender detection methodology to pinpoint the awarding of environmentally-sustainable goods and services or contracts with green clauses in real time and historically (since 2010):

  • Green as per industry classification: purchasing of environmentally-friendly products and services according to the product category of the contract
  • Green as per combination of keywords: detecting the purpose of the contract by searching for specially selected combinations of keywords in tender documentation (based on technical reports and guidelines from the Buying Green handbook by the European Commission)
  • Green as per specific legislation and directives: defined by green procurement regulations and specific product environmental requirements and standards (wherever such legislation exists)
Geography Methodology for Detecting Green Procurement Contracts
Data Points Keywords Industry Classification Codes by Geography Legislation Ecolabelling Programs Product Regulations by U.S Environmental Agency Source
Europe (EU–27, Switzerland, Norway) The information is available at EU GPP Criteria
Others (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom) Multiple sources per country
United States The information is published by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Categorization of Green Contracts

Renewable Energy

Energy and Resource Efficiency

Reduced Emissions

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Agricultural / Biodiversity / Natural Resources Preservation

Environmental Life-cycle Cost Analysis

International Eco labels / Standards

Green Regulations and Eco Legislature (EU and US only)

Generally Defined as Green Contracts (including environmental education, compliance, public awareness services)

Scope and Contents

Unique database of 4.5 million green public contracts from 2010 totaling USD 220 billion for the period

Green procurement has reached nearly 20% of all public procurement in the covered countries

Developed markets coverage (EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia)

Ticker-mapped data for over 1000 listed companies acting as suppliers of sustainable goods and services

More than 300 000 private companies have been awarded at least one green tender growing by nearly 20% on a yearly basis

Geographical Coverage

  • Europe (EU–27, Switzerland, Norway)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (Federal)
  • Canada (Federal)
  • Australia (Federal)

A Powerful Source of ESG Analysis

The TenderAlpha green public procurement data feed is the only global green procurement data product specifically designed for investment analysis:

  • Ticker-mapped
  • High-frequency
  • "Real world" evidence of participation in green projects
  • Avoiding issues of self-reporting as data is retrieved from official government sources

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