The TenderAlpha Global Government Supply Chain Data leverages the only comprehensive public-private relationships data on the market to provide an exclusive 360-degree view of government spending by showcasing the transactions between contracting agencies and prime awardees and their subcontractors and suppliers

Data Sources

Providing comprehensive supply chain network of 50+ countries worldwide by uniquely combining the following sources of information:

Government contracting and subcontracting data that is also available through TenderAlpha's global contract awards database

Global customs and trade intelligence data (import-export information including bill of lading, transit and shipping data)

Scope and Contents

4-tier government supply chain view

30,000+ contracting entities

10,000+ prime awardees

50+ countries

12+ years of historical data

Use cases

Identifying supply chain disruptions and strategic risk exposure both on geographical and industry level for major government agencies in more than 50 countries

Enables making informed policy decisions and the identification of suspicious procurement activity

Monitoring supply chain risks and related stock analysis implications. Finding investment opportunities in solidifying supply chain networks

Data Breakdown

1 Contracting EntityInformation 2 Direct AwardeeInformation 3 Corporate SupplierInformation (Incl. Ticker) 4 Supplier TierLevel 5 USDRelationship Value 6 Commodity Origin 7 CommodityDestination 8 RelationshipValidity Period 9 Timestamp

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